Inexhaustible Resources

Inexhaustible resouinex_7rces is a natural resource that will never run out so if we take advantage of the greatest natural resources will not be depleted and will continue to exist, such as water, sunlight, tidal energy, ocean energy and wind energy. Wind power technology is one of inexhaustible resources examples, the fastest growing energy source in the world, a cursory look simple. But behind the high towers, slender and turn the keys contained iron complex movement of lightweight materials such as aerodynamic design and run computer electronically. Power is transferred through the propeller, sometimes operated at variable speed, and then to the generator (although some turbines avoid toolbox by running directly)

Wind Power Currently

Technological developments in the last two decades of wind turbines that produce modular make this one of inexhaustible resources easy to install. Currently a modern wind turbine is 100 times more powerful than two decades ago turbines and wind farms currently provide large power equivalent to conventional power plants. In early 2004, the global wind power installation has reached 40,300 MW so that the power generated is sufficient to meet the needs of approximately 19 million households in the middle of Europe, which means the same as approaching 47 million people.


In the past 15 years, with increasing market, wind power the effective inexhaustible resources show decreasing production costs by 50 %. Currently in the region o

f maximum wind, wind power can compete with coal-fired power plant and a new technology in some locations can rival natural gas power plants.

Advantages of Wind Power

Environmentally friendly, most important advantage of wind power the inexhaustible resources is the reduced level of carbon dioxide emissions causes of climate change. Power is also free of pollutants that are often associated with fossil -fueled power plants and nuclear.

Balancing excellent energy is related carbon dioxide emissions in the production process. Installation and use of wind turbines for an average 20 -year life cycle ‘pay back’ the emissions after the first 3-6 months which means more than 19 years without the environmental costs of energy production. Rapid spread of wind – farm development (wind farm) can be completed within a week. Turbine tower, iron body and keys installed above the concrete surface by using a large transfer.

Inexhaustible resources and reliable run of wind turbines are always free and not affected by fossil fuel prices fluctuate. This power does not need to be mined, extracted or transferred to the power plant. With the increasing price of fossil fuels, wind power is also increasing the value and will decrease the cost of overall plant.

Furthermore, in a large project that uses medium sized turbines that have been approved, wind power is capable of operating up to 98 % constantly. This means that only two percent of the times down the machine for repair – record far better than could be expected from a conventional power plant.

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